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The Lab

In 2019/2020, the isdaT established a new pedagogical offer designed for its students, in order to allow a privileged encounter and emulation between the students in art, design, graphic design, music, and dance. The Lab will be a place and a time of experimentation and exchanges, but also for sharing knowledge, influences, and motivations.

Thanks to pedagogical supervision from teachers and, by invitation, specialist artists from one or more disciplines, the objective will be to facilitate the connection between the students of the various specialties, ensuring a degree of fluidity within the creative process but also expanding the brainstorming around a shared project as much as possible.

For this initial trial, the Lab will consist of an “experimentation” phase, based on improvisation, writing, and research, as well as an “analysis” phase converging into core classes for all fields, accompanied by an artistic programme (spectator’s visit).

artistic and pedagogical direction

David Haudrechy

Atelier design-danse, 2017 © Franck Alix

Atelier design-danse, 2017 © Franck Alix