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students’ associations

Bureau des étudiants (BDE)

The purpose of the BDE is to provide students with a legal framework and areas for socialising so that they can carry out and share their projects.

It also strives to improve the students’ lifestyle through various investments relating to the organisation of events: purchase of material for collective use and assistance with the creation of various projects, whether they are personal or shared, organisation of the graduates’ exhibition, and festive events.

Each year, the association holds tours of the isdaT for new students.



isdaT sport

isdaT sport is a sports association that enables students to practice a sport during their studies if they wish.

A basketball team was created in September 2016 and participates in the inter-university championship of the Académie de Toulouse, and were the winners at the “Promotion” level in 2016-2017.



Réalisation Lucas Charrier

Recycle centre — La Dent Creuse

Devised with self-responsibility and creativity in mind, the recycle centre and borrowing facility La Dent Creuse was set up and managed entirely by and for students.

Based on the students’ observation of La Dent Creuse (constant and major need for materials versus storage, funding, availability, and environmental problematics), they came up with the idea of designing and building a recycling, reuse, and redistribution centre for free raw materials within the isdaT. This space thus stores products given by providers as well as other unused items from within isdaT, made available for use by the students.



Association étudiants isdaT Toulouse La Dent Creuse