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professional integration

An integration survey is conducted every year among our graduates. According to the results obtained, dance and music graduates with a professional degree quickly and rapidly find positions corresponding to their training sector.

The nature of their contracts (many public department contracts for music and private sector contracts for dance) reflects the norms of the given professional sector.
Various types of jobs are possible and can be categorised as follows:


  • “regular” employment, either a position with a funded professional ensemble (symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra, or other group);
  • “casual” employment, quite frequent in music-related professional environments, where musicians can be hired by an organisation for which performance is not the main activity or within the framework of a short-term performance project (e.g. a festival, creation of a work by a temporary ensemble, etc.);
  • production or coordination within various organisations for musical performance and/or distribution, record label, concert, festival, etc.;
  • specialised teaching position (for those who obtain the double degree DE-DNSPM);
  • cultural mediation.

DE in music and danse teaching

  • specialised art teaching assistant in the public sector;
  • teacher or coordinator of an association;
  • musician on contract in an academic environment (in the event of a double degree DE/DUMI);
  • cultural mediation;
  • regular or casual employment as a performing musician or dancer.

The isdaT is clearly identified by the associative schools and conservatories of the Occitanie region as a resource centre enabling them to meet their recruitment needs for music and dance teachers. The isdaT serves as a relay point between young graduates and local employers, whether permanent positions require filling, or occasional replacements, or for training employees who already hold a position but do not have a qualification.

Through VAE and ongoing training, the isdaT contributes actively to the professional advancement / qualifications / job security of hundreds of music teachers living in Toulouse and the Occitanie region.