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ongoing training

qualifying ongoing training

The isdaT courses for the state diploma of music or dance teacher are open to students each year by way of qualifying ongoing training. Their content and planning are identical to those of initial training.
Professionals or job seekers can gain access to these courses by meeting the prerequisite conditions defined for each degree and available for consultation on our website.

non-qualifying ongoing training

Each year, the isdaT dance unit provides an ongoing training programme containing 1 to 5 independent course modules. Some of these modules are designed for dancers or dance teachers, others are also designed for musicians. Each lasts a period varying from one to three days, involving widely varying thematics and skills.

Ongoing training music program 2017-2018:

The music unit regularly proposes ongoing training modules building on certain skill sets already attained in the state diploma (DE) in music teaching. Mainly designed for VAE candidates who would like to train after obtaining partial validation (cross-crediting or validation of work experience), some of the modules may be open to other candidates with arts-teaching backgrounds.

Ongoing training danse program 2017-2018 (closed):

  • Module 1: Le répertoire chorégraphique : source de création et de re-création pour un public amateur avec Romain Panassié
  • Module 2: La motivation de l’adolescent dans les apprentissages artistiques : comment la valoriser ? La cultiver ? avec Odile Cazes-Laurent
  • Module 3 : Stage EAT transmission de la variation imposée n°21 option danse jazz (fille), chorégraphie de Bruce Taylor, avec Pascal Loussouarn
  • Module 4 : Stage EAT transmission de la variation imposée n°13 option danse contemporaine (fille), chorégraphie de Yuval Pick, avec Madoka Kobayashi