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description of the program

 organisation of studies

UE.1 / Musical Practice

  • Instrumental practice Organ
  • Complementary discipline 1: Harpsichord
  • Complementary discipline 2: Improvisation / writing

UE.2 / Research

  • Multidisciplinary musicology seminar (oriented personal research)
  • Musicology research methodology

UE.3 / Multidisciplinary and professional skills

  • Modern languages
  • IT, options
  • Internships and workshops.



Stéphane Bois + Michel Bouvard + Jan Willem Jansen

organ improvisation

Philippe Lefèbvre


Yasuko Uyama-Bouvard, Jan Willem Jansen.

internships and workshops

Guest professors are invited to complement the course within the framework of internships and workshops on specific aspects, including:

  • Posture and injury prevention for musicians
  • Mental preparation for performances
  • Stage presence and public speaking
  • Analysis of movement
  • Employment law, copyright law, and status of performance musicians
  • Devising of art projects as part of cultural events and festivals (Passe ton Bach d’abord, Toulouse les Orgues, etc.).