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EAT preparation

This tertiary training course prepares students for the Examen d’Aptitude Technique (Technical Aptitude Examination) in contemporary dance or jazz. Obtaining the EAT allows them to enter the course for the state diploma (DE) of dance teacher (classical, contemporary or jazz).


One-year course jointly organised with the Montanan CRD and the CRR of Toulouse. The classes are alternated on the sites of Toulouse and Montauban so as to minimise travel times to and fro.


  • contemporary
  • jazz

organisation of studies

  • choreographic culture
  • choreographic writing and improvisation workshops
  • functional analysis of the body in dance movement
  • technical classes (certified jazz and contemporary dance teachers)
  • training courses and masterclasses

access pathways

initial training

conditions of admission

Admission by audition (with no age limit or prerequisite degree required) subject to availability. A certain technical level is required. Please note, candidates running for the EAT examination must be 18 years old.

school fees

The amount of the registration fee for the auditions is 54 euros or 36 euros in case of second enrollment. The total school fees for the initial training are 220 euros for the 2018/2019 year, plus the cost of social security and civil liability insurance. More information concerning scholarships and social security.

  • calendrier
  • from April 13th to June 22th 2018: pre-enrolment online and submission file
  • June - July 2018: auditions
Cours de danse, isdaT, 2015, photo Franck Alix

Cours de danse, isdaT, 2015 © Franck Alix

Cours de danse, isdaT, 2015, photo Franck Alix

Cours de danse, isdaT, 2015 © Franck Alix