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contemporary amplified music course

in association with Music’Halle – l’École des Musiques Vivaces and the Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès

organisation of studies

The contemporary amplified music course has been updated and now includes instrumental technique, interpretation, composition and improvisation.

UE.1 / Musical practice (380h)

  • instrumental mastery
  • workshop based on repertoire
  • improvisation/interaction workshop
  • additional instrument class
  • vocal and postural technique
  • choir

UE.2 / Musical culture (350h)

  • composition/arranging
  • analysis of contemporary music
  • history (contemporary music, jazz, ethnomusicology or from different eras of classical music)

UE.3 / Cross-sectorial and professional skills (650h)

  • methodology classes “preparation for professional life”
  • computer-aided music (production of a sound document)
  • internships and meeting with practitioners (artists, broadcasters, etc.)
  • residency and creation of an autonomous art project.


Guest professors complete the training in the framework of internships and workshops on specific aspects, notably including:

  • posture and injury prevention for musicians
  • mental preparation of performances
  • stage presence and public speaking
  • ancient and contemporary music
  • analysis of movement
  • employment law, copyright law and status of performance musicians
  • devising art projects as part of cultural events and festivals (Siestes Électroniques, Passe ton Bach d’Abord, Toulouse les Orgues, Jazz in Marciac, Avant-Mardi, Music’Halle, etc.).

teaching facilities

Various teaching methods are provided:

  • individual classes,
  • collective classes,
  • masterclasses,
  • workshops with the dance unit and the fine arts department,
  • internships and external projects (concerts/public proposals).


The teaching staff comprises the isdaT team in close collaboration with Music’Halle.
Coordinating professor: Denis Badault.