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DE music

This course trains teachers capable of providing high-quality musical training that is open to all of today’s problematics and grooms students for entrance to conservatory positions (at CRRs, CRDs or CRIs, etc.) and other specialised musical institutions.

Belonging to the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles at level II (third-year level), the DE (state diploma) grants access to competitive examinations for entrance to the French public sector. It can be taken alongside a bachelor of music, “teaching” option (third-year level) in partnership with the University of Toulouse – Jean Jaurès (UT2J).

access pathways

  • initial training
  • ongoing training
  • validation of skills and experience (VAE)

initial training

  • DE + DNSPM (3/4 years) in the following disciplines: instrumental and vocal training—classical to contemporary (violin, alto, cello, double bass, saxophone, piano-accompaniment, voice, harp, organ, harpsichord, percussions) and all amplified modern music options;
  • DE + DUMI (3 years) in musical training, conducting ensembles (vocals), jazz and traditional music;
  • DE alone in dance accompaniment, in partnership with the dance unit of isdaT performing arts department;
  • DE alone offered to DNSPM graduates (accelerated training over 3 semesters) in all disciplines without improvement;
  • DE alone by VAE (validation of skills and experience) in all instruments / options.

ongoing training

Disciplines, domains and options, for the DE only and DE+bachelor’s degree

  • instrumental and vocal training: all options and instruments in all domains from classical to contemporary, jazz, ancient, traditional or modern music;
  • musical training;
  • accompaniment (music or dance);
  • conducting ensembles (vocals).


An agreement with the Université Laval (Quebec, Canada) enables students in DE to go on an exchange for 1 or 2 semesters. Agreements with summer musical academies in Quebec also allow intensive teaching practice for 2 weeks.

isdaT, 2015, photo Franck Alix

isdaT, 2015 © Franck Alix

Concert de fin d'année, isdaT, 2015

Concert de fin d'année, isdaT, 2015

Musiciens DE et danseurs DE Jazz, 2015, photo Franck Alix

Musiciens DE et danseurs DE Jazz, 2015 © Franck Alix

Concert de fin d'année, isdaT, 2015

Concert de fin d'année, isdaT, 2015