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volume workshops

moulding / casting

The workshop is organised around materials such as clays, waxes, elastomers and plaster for modelling, which, while able to stay together (single piece) can be categorised according to the casting techniques (plaster, elastomers, alginates) with hollows or in pieces depending on the project. Casts in polyester or acrylic resin can be considered, given consent from the group of professors responsible for the program and project and from the teaching assistants in charge of the space.


The workshop focuses on metal materials, steel, zinc, in the techniques of electrowelding, cutting, moulding, and assembling through soldering, bolting or riveting. These technologies are used for constructions and experimentation, enabling prototypes to be produced.


The workshop uses traditional materials such as carpenter’s woods of various species, structural materials and derivatives such as plywood, chipboard and medium-density panels and trains students to cut, saw, glue, plane, sand and assemble. These technologies enable single works or prototypes to be produced.


The model-making workshop is a place of study, design, verification, production and communication. Open to all students irrespective of their orientations, it enables the production of volumes, models and prototypes based on multiple materials: plastics, wood, resins… The tools available include a thermoforming/sealing machine for plastic materials, drilling, sanding and cutting tools, numerous hand tools and measuring instruments. Training in AutoCad and Rhino3D software is given at the start of the year so that the students can then independently access the 2D and 3D digital prototyping studio in association with the Toulouse Fablab. Based on sketches and technical drawings, Students can also design and produce models and prototypes, studying the feasibility, cost, phases and times for production alone or with the teaching staff, and find the kinds of artistic and technical guidance that they need.

Atelier moulage, isdaT

Atelier moulage, isdaT

Atelier moulage, isdaT

Atelier moulage, isdaT © Franck Alix

Atelier bois, isdaT

Atelier bois, isdaT © Franck Alix

Atelier menuiserie, isdaT, 2014, photo Jean-Christian Tirat

Atelier menuiserie, isdaT © Jean-Christian Tirat

Atelier bois, isdaT © Franck Alix

Atelier bois, isdaT © Franck Alix