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equipment storeroom

material available

The are 1 345 items in the equipment inventory, comprising hand tools and portable electric tools, cabling panels, cameras, digital recorders, camcorders, OHP and video projectors, TV screens, computers… An average of 300 loans are recorded daily.

In order to improve the longevity of certain equipment, the following items may only be borrowed during the opening hours of the loan equipment storeroom:

  • The photographic cameras D90, D700 and 3200 (with validation from the head of the shooting studio or one of the photography professors);
  • The camcorders from video classes, reserved for first-year students;
  • The video projectors;
  • The computers.

The rest of the equipment is available to you without restricted hours of opening and reservation.

opening hours

7:45 am–8 pm, not including weekends, bank holidays and school holidays.