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digital workshops

design and digital forms

The design and digital forms workshop teaches students to formulate a visual language involving conceptual and artistic stakes relating to digital cultures. It therefore introduces various problematics questioning design in its relationship to historical and contemporary media: appropriations, subversions, materiality, animation… The various projects allow students to broach the main creative tools, via fundamental techniques relating traditional design and digital form (digitization, vectorization, animation, installation, and sound).

graphic design

Equipped with desktop publishing, image retouching, vectorial design and character design software, as well as digital printing and shaping tools, this workshop provides lessons and practical production sessions dedicated to graphic design.

3D et computer-aided design

The initiation to 3D computer graphics within the framework of work on volumes will enable students to understand and grasp all of the challenges of design and representation with the aid of computer graphic tools. A language, tools and codes emerge from these elements, which the students must master and use in creating their own representational world in line with their personal project and particular area of inquiry.

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