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public classes

adult classes

The classes offered by isdaT fine arts provide an introduction to the techniques of drawing and painting. Through exercises in observation, interpretation and experimentation using tools, materials and gestures, it is a matter of acquiring the basic formal techniques of these mediums. These artistic problematics are presented via their historical and contemporary contexts in the form of art history classes, and visits to museums and exhibitions. The goal is to enable each student to engage in a personal and original artistic approach and to understand the artistic movements of the 20th century through to the most recent developments.
Certain individual projects may, as required, by produced in some of the School’s technical workshops: engraving, screen-printing and photography.

children and teenagers

The classes for children and teenagers, from ages 7 to 17, constitute an introductory workshop to various creative techniques. After acquiring basic skills, each student progresses at their own pace and choose their own project. The work is completed individually within the group. The experience they gain is a real workshop approach that whets the child’s or teenager’s appetite to develop their discovery and practice of drawing, painting or artistic techniques. Classes are organised into age groups.

  • calendrier
  • Registration: june 1st, 2018 (subject to availability)
  • Courses 2018-2019: from October 1st, 2018 to June 28, 2019 (excluding school holidays)
Cours publics, isdaT

Cours publics © Franck Alix

Journées Portes Ouvertes 2015, isdaT

Journées Portes Ouvertes 2015 © Jules Severac

Cours publics, isdaT

Cours publics © Franck Alix

Inscriptions cours publics 2018-2019, Toulouse, isdaT

Cours adultes de Martine Gélis. Photographie © Christophe Gentillon