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diplomas and work experience

qualifications awarded

  • DNA — National Art Diploma (third-year level, french equivalent of the Bachelor of Arts Degree)
    — art option
    — design option
    — design option mention graphic design
  • DNSEP — National Postgraduate Diploma in Artistic Expression (fifth-year level, french equivalent of the Master of Arts Degree)
    — art option
    — design option
    — design option mention graphic design.

professional integration

It is recognised that an art school course is suited to a labour force that is currently undergoing major transformations, since it is both versatile and specific, and associated with a teaching style that encourages autonomy, mobility and proximity with professional environments.

A study undertaken by the Office de la Vie Étudiante regarding the professional lives of 2009-2012 graduates from the isdaT fine arts school bears witness to a high rate of integration of between 72 % and 100 %, thirty months after obtaining the DNSEP and depending on the options chosen.

Many devices have been developed within the institute and in partnership to support students and graduates in their professional life: “graduation, early career” days, creating a portfolio of database, relay calls for applications for graduates, assistance to individual or group projects, alumni association in research programs of the institute, graduate exhibitions, residencies and projects shared throughout the Région Occitanie.

Students who have obtained the DNA can pursue studies or work in all fields and professions, from artistic creation to design and graphic design. Their proven artistic skills brings a personal dimension to any creative collaborations.

after a DNSEP art

The five years of study leading to the DNSEP provide access to an even broader range of skills:

  • Artist, illustrator, photographer, video artist, multimedia designer; or performing art professions (set design, lighting creation, sound, etc.);
  • Professions of floor management and technical management and operation (exhibition floor manager, sound or lighting technician, video technician etc.);
  • Exhibition curator, art critic, artistic director, publisher;
  • Art school lecturer or other role (teaching assistant, dean, general director of art schools), guest artist in schools or hospitals; fine arts teacher at high school or intermediate level;
  • Restoration and conservation of artworks, author of multimedia software.

after a DNSEP design

The five years leading to the DNSEP design grant access to the pursuit of studies at architecture school or in cycle III and/or at a wide rang of trades: designer, space or object designer, sound designer, sound artist, composer, programmer of stage light and sound systems, landscape architect, interior architect, technical artist, project manager in a design or architectural agency, prototypist, model-maker, design researcher or artist.

after a DNSEP design graphique

The students who have obtained the DNSEP graphic design can work as independent graphic designers or employees within communication, design, architecture or web design agencies, or in services of media graphic design (paper, screen); be artistic director or director of cultural projects; become integrated as associates capable of contributing a personal creative dimension within communication or research and development departments of companies or regional authorities. They also work as teachers in high schools and at tertiary level as art school lecturers, for instance. They are also trained to be able to further their studies, particularly via international post-graduate diplomas or doctoral studies.