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in first year

conditions of access to the competitive examination

Admission in first year is attained by way of a competitive examination open to those with a baccalauréat or equivalent diploma. The jury may allow submissions from students without a baccalaureat under exceptional circumstances. The latter must prove a confirmed personal practice and hand in a request for special dispensation addressed to the director of the institution, by first contacting the pedagogical administration. Entrance examination fees are 50 euros.

the competitive examination

The entrance examination contains several written tests: general culture, drawing test, language test and an oral presentation of a portfolio of personal work. The evaluation criteria notably include motivation, artistic ability, theoretical thought, and openness to the contemporary world.

school fees

The total fees for the 2018-2019 year come to 400 euros, plus the cost of social security and civil liability insurance. More information concerning scholarships and social security

  • calendrier
  • until March 13th 2018: online registration closed
  • April 16th 2018: written tests for the entrance examination
  • April 17th and 18th 2018: oral tests for the entrance examination
  • mid-May 2018: publication of the results on the isdaT website